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  • 3-11-2009 Conference Call

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  • Kate ran a training session for judges last week.
  • Used Elluminate, worked ok, needs a bit of training.
  • 2:00 p.m. EDT would be better for Salim.
  • Kate will update by email.
  • Use Doodle or Timebridge to set a good time.
  • Have a conference call available as a backup.
  • Skype conference calls seems to work fine with Connect.
    • Skype recorder available.
  • Josh needs frequent reminders.

2. Sakai Boston Conference


2.1 Pre-Conference Workshop

  • OSP will run a full day workshop.
    • A.M.: Intro.
    • P.M.: Technical stuff. Will let attendees come to our presentation.

2.2 Sessions

  • Discussion of T&L conference proposal ideas and recruiting of faculty/students to present.