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  • 8-20-2008 Conference Call

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Participants: Josh Baron, Kate Ellis, Eddie Watson, John Moore, Mary Miles, Emily Jones, Robin Hall, Steve (From RI), Maggie Lynch

Agenda Items

1. VA Tech Regional Conference Follow-Up

Update from John & Eddie:

  • Invitation to submit proposal sent to 32 people last week, 2 have responded. This is likely due to the beginning of the semester time crunch. Will send call for proposals next week.
  • Conference logistics (with Mary Miles):
    • Registration page should be ready beginning of next week (Susan Hardin).
    • There will be a fee charged to cover food.
    • Details for conference hotel being finalized (special rates through September).
    • Push for early registrations.
  • Building the program:
    • Keynote morning of Day 1 / auditorium will hold 150 people
    • Likely topic: Web 2.0 tools in teaching
    • Open for suggestions for speaker (email Eddie or John); considering Garner Campbell; Josh will look over list from Paris conference planning
    • Concurrent sessions for afternoon of Day 1 and all of Day 2
    • End by 4:00pm so folks can get to airport and home
    • 10 - 14 slots for 75-90 minute sessions.
    • Some sessions may be longer for working groups
    • Two themes: 1) enabling teaching/learning with Sakai, and 2) migration/adoption strategies.
    • Could be tracks, will become apparent as proposals come in
    • Josh: Sakai board has formed working groups around strategic plans, one focuses on migration and adoption, so this group will likely have a presentation and working session with outcome/deliverable at conference
    • Steve: Telling K-12 story
    • Also at conference: Announcement of TWSIA and presentation by 2008 winner(s)


1) Send suggestions for keynote speaker to John Moore  ( or Eddie Watson (
2) Send proposal for presentation. Email call for proposal going out early next week 

2. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

TWSIA09 Planning

B. Sponsorship Plan Draft

Josh: consulted with marketing folks and came up with a plan

    • See:Levels of Sponsorship
    • limit to two levels of sponsorship considered best, better than many small contributors
    • Matt suggested looking for technology partners for gifts for winners (for example a laptop); discussion included concern about the need to focus on raising cash for winners' travel, etc.


Josh will update sponsorship plan in wiki, please review. The goal is to have plan ready to go by mid-Sept.