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  • 6-10-2009 Conference Call

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Participants: Josh, Robin, Sue, Mathieu, Salwa, Kate

Pre-Conference Workshop

  • Josh has published a slide template on the Preconference 2009 Teaching and Learning page.
  • Josh suggests to build more time for Q&A
    • End the pre-conference at 4:15, let people talk informally.
  • Let's meet at lunch on Tuesday to finalize our plans.
  • Flip the questions on pedagogy and tools.


  • We only have 65 minutes
    • Award: around 10 minutes
    • Winner: 20 minutes
    • Q&A: 5 minutes
    • Winner 2: 20 minutes
    • Q&A: 5 minutes
  • There is another room available now, we could get a longer slot.
  • The Award ceremony could start at 8:15
  • Sue will follow up with winners to give them guidelines.
  • A press release will go out on the morning of the presentations.
  • We should give away plaques or trophies.

New Requirements Process

  • Conference Calls on Fridays at 10 a.m. EDT