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  • 3-11-2009 Conference Call

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titleCall-In Information

Calls are currently taking place on Wednesdays at 11:30 AM EDT (New York, USA) each week.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that the US is now on Daylight Savings Time.

  1. Call 1-888-447-7153 (International Dial in number is 847-619-4470)
  2. Enter in the Passcode: 5057885 (then hit the "#" key)
  3. Listen to the nice music until the Leader joins.

Participants: Christian (Rutgers), Brian (Marist), Mathieu (Delaware), Josh (Marist), Robin (Wyoming), Emily (JHU), John Hayes (Berkeley), Kate (Indiana), Janet (Delaware)


  • Christian (Rutgers)
  • Brian (Marist)

1. TWSIA Judging

  • Kate ran a training There was an orientation session for the committee last week, only 4 of 11 participated.
  • Used Elluminate, worked ok, needs a bit of training.
  • 2:00 p.m. EDT would be better for Salim.
  • Use Doodle to set a good timeOK, but not the best for conversation.
  • Need to confirm time; will use Doodle to fine a good time for the majority of people.
  • Have a conference call available as a backup.
  • Skype conference calls seems to work fine with Connect. ; Skype recorder available.
  • Will use Elluminate; this is the system that will be used for final judging.
  • Josh needs frequent reminders.


  • Need to make a realistic budget as the conference gets closer., and we know where the winers will be traveling from

2.1 Pre-Conference Workshop

  • OSP will run a full day workshop.
    • A.M.: Intro.
    • P.M.: Technical stuff. Will let attendees come to our presentation.
  • Send announcements again to get more people involved.
  • Avoid duplicates.
  • Have people post material outline and contact information online before the conference; update after the conference to reflect actual event.

2.2 Sessions

  • Discussion of T&L conference proposal ideas and recruiting of faculty/students to present.


  • Michael will release a concept document in the next weeks.
  • We need a new process to share our requirements with developers.
  • Kate: IU has a process. Link Here is a link to somewhat outdated information:!\!gateway/page/895a1a30-ac76-483c-8040-9ff3946d1c6c
    • Attachment to this page -of rough notes -
    • Two committees that guide development
          • FRC: Staff from teaching centers, IT, prioritize suggestions for enhancements and makes recommendations to the OPC
          • OPC: Mostly faculty--decides what development work will go forward
        • Getting the new LMS at par with the old one was the first big task.
        • "Suggestions" / requests come from many places:
              • Summary by suggestions analysis team from input from web-based form
              • FRC members through their work with faculty and staff
              • Requests from departments & schools for substantial enhancements and new functionality
              • List of known issues, not bugs but "unexpected behaviors".
              • Survey to users which generated list of top ten requests
              • analysis of previous suggestions
            • FRC does more work than prioritize and make recommendations.
            • Evaluates new tools, such as Mneme, Samigo, BlogWow!,  copy and paste from Word.
            • Interaction with FRC and  and developer team lead, functional analyistanalyst, and designer.
            • OPC reviews recommendations
            • Decide which tools need more design work.
            • Dev team make makes time estimate for enhancement, send sends it to OPC.
            • Strong leadership and committed resources are the is keys to success, IMHO. Also--flexible evoling evolving process
            • User-driven, not dev-driven.
          • Josh: How should we address long-term, strategic vs. short-term fixes?
          • Kate: This is much more the focus of the OPCUITS leadership. OPC is kept informed of stratigeic goals. David Goodrum could join us to discuss this.
          • Josh: Problem with smaller institutions pushing their requirements to institutions with developers (IU, Michigan, Cambridge, etc.).
          • Kate: Need to make tool development a multi-institutional endevorendeavor
          • Robin: How would this new process fit with what's happening right now (Jira)?
          • Josh: Last effort has had limited results.
          • We have to start from what has been done last time. Refresh the list.
          • Robin: Top 5 list process has been done already too.