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  • 9-17-2008 Conference Call

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Participants: Mathieu, Salwa, Charlie, Maggie, Emily, Robin, Eddie, John, Sue, Kate

Agenda Items

1. VA Tech Regional Conference Follow-Up

  • Ideas of how to organize day 2.
    • No need to have 2 hours to talk about the award.
    • Invite people to a breakout session in the afternoon for more details.
    • 90 minutes for intro, Aileen and Salim is enough.
    • Salim's institution runs Adobe Connect.
    • Need a microphone, computer, speakers.
    • Sue will set a backup room in Elluminate.
    • Have the slides locally, and a phone connection, just in case.
  • Schedule will be roughed out by Monday (in Confluence, PDF format first)
    • Speakers will be contacted.
    • Sue will be presenting Wednesday 8:30-10.
  • Proposals for 3rd room to block them off.
    • Should create a Google map.

2. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

TWSIA09 Planning