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  • 8-13-2008 Conference Call

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Participants: Mathieu Plourde, Steven Foehr, Robin Hill, Nancy O'Laughlin, Janet deVry, Eddie Watson, John Moore, Tracey (UC Berkeley), Sue Roig.

Agenda Items

1. VA Tech Regional Conference Follow-Up

  • We are a little behind.
  • Signed contract with hotel.
  • Website for registration will be functional next week.
  • Asked Mary Miles to be on this call next week.
    • Plenary/keynote slots
    • 12 other slots to fill
    • 3 rooms (Auditorium 150 + 2 other rooms)
    • T&L room, Migration and adoption.
    • Flex space at the hotel, BOF room, Auditorium.
    • A faculty from VA Tech (Jen) could be a keynote. Did a lot of assessment, blogged about her experience with new CLE.
    • Panel of faculty
      • OSP
      • T&L
    • Invite new people into the conversation. Preference will be given to...
    • Basics of assessment? Could be interesting. With or without Sakai. Almost nothing in Paris.
    • Migration. (Salwa did a web page). Breakout into legacy LMS groups.
    • Winners of the TWSIA. Could be the kickoff of the Award. At least Aileen could be there in person.
  • Follow-up next week

2. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

TWSIA09 Planning

  • Next steps:
    • Complete the plan
    • Ask IBM first
    • Get Josh and Michael involved first.
    • We should have a draft of a complete sponsorship plan next week to discuss.
  • Judges:
    • Should we use the same judges from last year?
    • Ken would be willing to do it. Don't know about the other ones.
    • We could have one of the winners on the panel.
    • Insiders? Too many contacts in all colleges. Conflicts of interest.
    • Outsiders give us more visibility outside of the community.
    • We should have more than 3.
    • Janet will send our last's year email to Sue.
    • Do our judges want to be involved for many years to come?
    • This group should post a list of people they would like to contact.
    • Get someone from outside the US involved.
    • Give the first refusal to Karen and Ken?
    • Let's build a list and discuss it next week? Sent by email, not made public.
    • Need to put a note on confluence if you want to be involved in the judge selection process. Sue will manage that part.
  • Application process:
    • Need to get in touch with Nate at another time slot.