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Dav server is built into Sakai, right out of the box. Point your dav client at http(s)://<your server dns name and port>/dav/group/<some site id> to see that site's resources. Or to see a person's resources from a my workspace, use /dav/user/<user id>.

WebDAV issues (particularly with Windows 7)

  • Run Sakai over HTTPS!  Sakai's WebDAV only allows HTTP Basic Authentication and not Digest Authentication.  Windows 7 will not do Basic Authentication over HTTP.
  • Receive WebDAV commands at the root context ( / ).  Win 7 native WebDAV will check the root context to make sure it responds to WebDAV commands (OPTIONS, PROPFIND).


WebDAV issues (particularly with native XP client)

UCT has set up a page to track a number of issues.