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titleNo longer available

This release is no longer available, nor supported.

General Information

Branch Manager: Lance Speelmon

Questions on the branch? Email

Sakai 2.3 is no longer the most current, recommended version of Sakai. Please see the release page for information on obtaining the latest, recommended Sakai release.

If you are planning to deploy Sakai 2.3, then you are strongly encouraged to use the 2-3-x maintenance branch as the basis for your deployment, as it incorporates additional bug fixes. The maintenance branch, however, does not represent a fully QA'ed release of Sakai. While individual fixes have been tested, generally there has been no regression testing. However, this is the branch off which many institutions are building their 2.3 deployments, which supplies a great deal useful, though indirect, QA for the branch.


If there is an issue in Jira that has been fixed for a more recent release of Sakai, but which you are interested in seeing back-ported to 2.3.x, please contact the Branch Manager.

The following Jira issues have been resolved in 2.3.x.

Jira Issues