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titleCitations Helper Versions

Sakai 2.6.0 - under development (New Features)

Sakai 2.5.0 (New Features | Configuration | QA Info)

The Sakai 2.5.0 version of Citations Helper adds several new features:

  • Editor Integration (SAK-11257) - Add a button within the Rich Text Editor to find and insert a citation into the text currently being edited (ala Twin Peaks)
  • RIS File Import (SAK-11256) - Support importing of citations in the RIS file format from reference management tools such as RefWorks, Endnote, and Zotero
  • Citation List Sorting (SAK-11248) - Add the ability to sort citation lists by author, title, or date

This version also incorporates the new configuration system that was introduced in the post-2.4 branch.


Citations Helper post-2.4 (Features Overview | Configuration)

The post-2.4 Citations Helper branch adds a new, more flexible configuration system for the Citations Helper. There are also minor bug fixes in the post-2.4 branch.
There is no Sakai post-2.4 branch. The Citations Helper post-2.4 branch is intended to be used in conjunction with the Sakai 2.4.1 tag or the Sakai 2.4.x branch.

Sakai 2.4.x (QA Info)

Maintenance branch for the 2.4.0 release. Minor bug fixes added for Citations Helper.
The maintenance branch retains the same features and configuration information as the 2.4.0 release.

Sakai 2.4.0 (Features Overview | Configuration | QA Info)

We do not recommend using Sakai 2.4.0. Sakai 2.4.1 has been released with primarily additional security fixes. The Sakai 2.4.x maintenance branch also has these security fixes as well as other minor bug fixes.

For Sakai 2.4 installations, we recommend using the post-2.4 Citations Helper branch along with either Sakai 2.4.1 or Sakai 2.4.x. For post-2.4 Citations Helper configuration instructions, please see the post-2.4 Configuration Instructions page. (The post-2.4 Citations Helper will work with Sakai 2.4.0, but we do not recommend it.)

Citations Helper is disabled by default - configuration required to enable.

Supported metasearch engines: SIRSI SingleSearch, Ex Libris MetaLib