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4.1 The OSPI Use Case

(to be written)

5. Profile

Professor Profile

Linda Walsh finds many occasions within Sakai university where she wants to share a professional view of her degrees earned, research interests, publications, etc. In each case, however, the presentation may differ slightly.

In her classes, for example, her publications are often of little importance, but she'd like the heading portion of the syllabus to always display her background and research focus, along with contact information.

She would also like public access, with a simple, permanent URL containing her name, of a full, professional-looking view comprising all the information she might put in a CV, but with digital materials or links to relevant online publications where appropriate.

Within her department she'd like to present a more focused view of the full CV, highlighting current research, grants recently awarded, most recent publications, and potentially other data required by a promotion-and-tenure committee.

She'd also like her information to surface in relevant public searches. If a student, colleague, or anonymous viewer searched for "Physical Chemistry" in a central location at Sakai university, she is convinced her profile should show up in the top 3 results.

Student Profile

not yet fleshed out

5. Other

5.1 Other Possible Scenarios