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The Sakai Community encourages anyone with an interest in getting involved in Sakai development to consider becoming a contributor. A contributor is anyone who helps move the project forward. . . ELABORATE NO CORE COMMITTER RIGHTS / DESCRIBE CONTRIB SPACE . . . .All committers should also be contributors but most contributors would not be committers.

Developer Etiquette

Sakai committers as well as contributors are expected to adhere to a set of general principles we term developer etiquette. Etiquette applies to all those who are part of the Sakai community, but the weight of etiquette lies heaviest on those developers with core commit rights. The operative goal here is to ensure that all members of the Sakai Community work together in a productive manner that results in a better code base and avoids activities that invalidates, belittles or destroys the work of others. A spirit of collegiality, mutual respect and sense of shared responsibility should govern developer relations at all times.