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This documents all known internal capabilities (capabilities included in the main entity broker project) of the Entity Provider.

Internal Capabilities

  1. AutoRegisterEntityProvider - Causes the EntityProvider which implements this 0 method interface to automatically be reigstered with the EntityBrokerManager when Sakai starts up
  2. Resolvable - Allows access to an actual object which represents this entity (does not have to be the persistent object itself), requires implementation of a 2 method interface
  3. Propertyable/PropertyProvidable - Allows an entity provider to determine that entities can have persistent properties attached to them
  4. ReferenceParseable - Indicates an entity provider has the capability of parsing its own reference string. An entity that does not implement this interface is assumed to deal in IdEntityReference references.

Under development

  1. Importable - Allows an entity to be imported
  2. Exportable - Allows an entity to be exported
  3. Taggable/TagProvidable - Allows tags to be attached to an entity and entities to be able to be located by tags
  4. Searchable - Allows entities to be searched and filtered
  5. ParseSpecParseable - Allows an entity provider to define the parsing specification for its own reference string
  6. Cacheable - Allows an entity provider to specify that all responses to entity broker calls should be cached and defines the amount of time to cache the calls