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SCORM Version

Sakai Version





SCORM 2004

Sakai 2.5+

In development

Improved version of the UC Davis SCORM 2004 player. Code at

with patches for 2-6-x at


Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montréal

SCORM 2004

Sakai 2.4

In development

Sacha Lepretre

This is an improvement/port on the first UC Davis prototype



Sakai 2.5.3

Ready to release - this is ported from 2.4.x

William Wan

This tools include several functions including a SCORM 1.2 player, integrated with the Resources Tools, tracking and reports. There are some modification to the original Sakai tools and we are trying to minimize changes to the other sources in the future releases

UC Davis

SCORM 2004 3rd Ed.

Sakai 2.5

In development

Kirk Alexander

This is under active development. We hope to have a solid player available this winter with the intention of developing a scoring/statistics tool as phase 2, and phase 3 integration with other Sakai tools (e.g. Gradebook). The working version includes several improvements on our original prototype – we've removed the applet code in favor of AJAX, more tightly integrated with Sakai's built in content repository, and normalized the storage of user performance data

UC Davis

SCORM 2004

Sakai 2.1


Kirk Alexander

This version has been deprecated