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Here at UC Davis, we're currently developing a new version of the Scorm Player that we hope re-casts Jon's original prototype in a form that is more flexible and extensible. One of the primary motivations for this is the idea that Scorm is most effective when it's possible to do some data mining and evaluation on the scores produced by a user's session with the player.

Some highlights:

  • The tool is written in Wicket and makes use of AJAX to replace the applet code
  • The big data objects are stored directly in the database, where scores will be accessible to later tools
  • The ADL code is now broken out into a more reasonable division between api and impl, so the services can be exposed beyond the tool itself in Sakai
  • The Scorm content packages (zip files) are stored in Resources via the Content API, and make use of Content Hosting Handlers to access the underlying resources

A Roadmap for Sakai/SCORM Development