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  • Sakai Roadmap 2022-2024

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About the Roadmap

Each fall, the Sakai Community embarks on a collaborative process to define a roadmap for the coming 3 years of Sakai development. For Roadmap 2022-2024, this process included the following milestones:

  • October 2020: Consultation with Roadmap Steering Committee (currently composed of Christina Schwiebert, Martin Ramsay, Michael Greene, Miguel Pellicer, Laura Gekeler, Wilma Hodges, Earle Nietzel, Alan Regan, and Sam Ottenhoff)
  • November 2020: Roadmap v1 presented for feedback at Sakai Virtual Conference / #SakaiCon2020
  • December 2020: Roadmap v2 presented for feedback at Sakai working groups (Teaching & Learning, User Experience, Accessibility, Core Team)
  • February 2021: Roadmap v3 adopted at Sakai Days 2021

Roadmap Update: September 2021

Roadmap: Community Version

The community version of the Sakai Roadmap exists as a world-viewable Google Doc. 

This version includes the following sections:

  • Feature Roadmap 
    • New Features (audience: public)
    • Improvements (audience: public)
    • Ongoing Investments (audience: community only)
  • Technical Roadmap 
    • Application (audience: community only)
    • Infrastructure (audience: community only)

Roadmap Video Update: June 2021

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Roadmap: Public Version

The public version of the Sakai Roadmap consists only of the New Features and Improvements section of the Feature Roadmap. This version exists as a news item published annually on the website, which includes the image below.