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The Sakai 19 QA Hub is the home page for the Sakai 19 Quality Assurance effort.

For questions please contact

Communication Channels

Sakai QA list

Join the Sakai QA list (sakai-qa@ to keep up to date on all things QA in Sakai. Anyone can join the group here:!forum/sakai-qa

Sakai QA Slack Channel

We have a very active Sakai QA channel in Apereo’s Slack instance. We use this for communicating during Test Fests and asking QA questions to the group or to individuals anytime. If someone at your institution has already joined, then you can self join at:

Otherwise send an email to  to have your institution's domain added for self signup. For a quick overview of Slack (along with some helpful tips n’ tricks), see the following video:


Weekly QA Planning Calls

The QA Planning Group meets every  Tuesday from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Eastern time . This group guides the overall direction of the Sakai QA effort, creates testing materials and processes, and participates in testing. Meetings agendas and notes can be found in

our Sakai 19 QA Running Meeting Notes google doc.

our etherpad link: It lists all of the links for all current QA planning call meetings. If you want to look at a specific meeting click on the link associated with that date. All are welcome! We meet in the QA Room in BigBlueButton: 
QA Room
password: apereo

QA Testing this week  -






2020 -







For Sakai 19 QA testing this week, our goal is to verify Jiras that are fixed but need QA to be verified.  Those Jiras are here:

19 Ready to QA -
In addition, our regression testing this week should focus on any tools that have not be fully tested such as CKedtior Elfinder, Search, Section Info, and GradebookNG.  The scripts for these tools can be found here:
All Jiras should be tested on Master (
Once these issues have been verified, they can be merged back to Sakai 19.
Steps for testing
  • All high-priority tools have regressions scripts that can be found in the regression script column.  Use this script for testing.
  • Test on multiple browsers.  Mobile is great if you can test there, too.
  • If you find new bugs, please create a new JIRA and add that to your testing results (see Reporting Issues below)
  •  For reference, all related JIRAs for a specific tool are listed in the JIRA column

    This week for QA, we will begin focusing on the upcoming Sakai 20 release for next year. With the upcoming Sakai 20 release we will be rewriting and updating the regression scripts for all tools. At the same time we have new features to test for Sakai 20. We hope to be able to release Sakai 20 by late February. 

    Reporting New Issues via Jira

    Server to use for testing
    Unless otherwise stated, all testing is taking place on the Sakai 19 RC02 QA server - (refreshed weekly on Mondays)

    When testing notifications/email, you can check the Mail Catcher server to confirm sent messages -
    Reporting Issues

    Weekly Test Fests

    Join our QA “Test Fests” every Thursday from 10am to 11 am, Eastern time! This is an opportunity to jump into testing Sakai with the support of the QA Team and other community members. You do not need to be an functional expert to get involved! . Test Fest agendas and notes can be found in our Sakai QA Running Meeting Notes google doc.our etherpad link: It lists all of the links for all the current QA Test Fest meetings. If you want to look at a specific meeting click on the link associated with that date. We begin our Test Fests in the QA Room in BigBlueButton (see left). Throughout the course of the Test Fest, we communicate using our new SakaiQA channel in Apereo’s Slack instance described under Communication Channels on this page. The QA team will be available 30 minutes before Test Fest, at 9:30 am (EST), to help onboard those new to QA testing 

    *QA testing is informed by updates on the Core Team call and QA planning sessions meetings which are held on Tuesday every week.  Therefore, QA testing cycles usually run from Wednesday to Wednesday the following week.  Longer QA cycles may be held during QA for major releases to accommodate more in-depth testing such as regression testing.


    Useful Details / Resources

    Video: How to create a Jira

    Sakai QA bug fix workflow.pdf

    Signup and scripts for testing Sakai 19 RC01

    Testing Resources - test files and content for Calendar, Gradebook, Lessons, Tests & Quzzies, CK Editor and general media/text files