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  • If your Sakai version is prior to 11.3patch your Sakai instance with this changes : 
  • If your Sakai version is prior to 11.5patch your Sakai instance with this changes : 
  • Compile and deploy : mvn clean install sakai:deploy in assignment folder :
     cd assignment
     mvn clean install sakai:deploy
  • Clone this project :
  • Compile and deploy the the contentreview-impl inside the cloned folder:
     cd contentreview-impl
     mvn clean install sakai:deploy


  • Enable the Urkund integration in the content-review module (Sakai source).
    • Open this file content-review/contentreview-federated/pack/src/webapp/WEB-INF/components.xml
    • Uncomment this line <ref bean="org.sakaiproject.contentreview.service.ContentReviewServiceUrkund"/> to enable the Urkund content review implementation
  • Compile content-review module : 
     cd content-review
     mvn clean install
  • Set up the correct sakai properties

    • assignment.useContentReview=true

    • contentreview.enabledProviders=Urkund
    • urkund.address=URKUND_RECEIVER_ID (EMAIL)


    • urkund.password=URKUND_ACCESS_PASSWORD


    • Optional


      • urkund.networkTimeout=180000



  • Create jobs
    • Process Content Review Queue : Process the content-review queue, uploads documents to Urkund and analyze them.
    • Process Content Review Reports : Get reports for analyzed documents.
    • Create a new trigger for this jobs. We suggest you set the job to run at five minute intervals which can be done with the following definition:

      0 0/5 * * * ?

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