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  • Github Issues vs Jira pros and cons

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  1. Supports security restricted issues
  2. Has globally googlable issues IDs (google for SAK-???? and you normally end up at our Jira)
  3. Distinct fields including affects version, merge versions, priority, components.
    1. github relies of freeform labels and milestones and can't capture all details
  4. Built in kanban boards, in github you'd have to use zenhub plugin
  5. Better searching using the distinct fields
  6. Better connection with confluence
  7. All current issues are there
  1. Reportedly slow network access from certain locations
  2. Can be slower to switch around screens
  3. Complex form for entry of new issues (maybe we could simplify)




Github Issues pros and cons

  1. In the same place as the code, easier to find where to file issues
  2. People already have accounts on GitHub so barrier to filing is lower (could enable Github sign-in to Jira?)
  3. Simple form for entering new issues (title/description).
  1. Doesn't have many of the fields that JIRA has, relies on labels