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In this past Monday’s UX Working Group call, we presented the findings from the usability testing that NYU, University of Hawaii, and Walsh University conducted on naming options for My Workspace and the current Home synoptic tools page in Sakai 11. You can view a recording of the presentation here:

The purpose of this testing was to determine which naming/styling options for these two interface elements would allow users to accomplish their intended goals as easily and directly as possible. The testing was initiated based on a recommendation that came out of the Sakai Camp meeting in January. In discussing the change of “My Workspace” to the home icon in Sakai 11, the group recommended conducting usability testing to see how actual users would react to this change as well as to different naming/styling options for both My Workspace and the current Home synoptic tools page. Additional background is provided in the video linked above as well as in the following presentation:

NYU volunteered to coordinate the usability testing. We were able to leverage existing testing resources, including an accessibility/usability firm, which we had used in our GradebookNG usability testing.

Thanks to extensive feedback from 28 testing participants (who encompassed a variety of roles including faculty, support admins, and undergrad/graduate students) we are able to provide the following recommendation:

My Workspace
Rename “My Workspace” to “Home”.
Add “Home” text to the right of the house icon in the upper-left of the interface.
When this new “Home” area (site) is selected, style the house icon + “Home” text as a button and highlight to match the styling used by currently selected sites in the system.
Home synoptic tools page
Rename “Home” to “Overview”.
Use the following Font Awesome icon to represent the “Overview” tool:

To accommodate the “Overview” tool icon, we will likely need to replace the current Samigo icon in the system, as it closely resembles the proposed icon.

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