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Meeting DateMain TopicSpeaker & AffiliationRecording
Jun 19HIghlights from Open Apereo 2019Roundtable
May 15New Projects: Multimedia Assignment Submissions; Office 365Miguel Pellicer, EDF
May 1JirapaloozaMatt Burgess, UVA
Apr 17Digital Credentials with Sakai, Credly, and MoreWilma Hodges and Josh Wilson, Longsight
Apr 3Info-Tech Market Research and SakaiJosh Wilson, Longsight; Karthi Iyer, Info-TechLink to recording
Mar 20JirapaloozaTrisha Gordon, UVALink to recording
Mar 6Auto-Groups Enhancement ProposalTiffany Stull, UVA; John Buckingham, Pepperdine

Link to proposal document

Link to recording

Feb 20Centralized Grading ServiceWilma Hodges and Earle Nietzel, LongsightLink to recording
Feb 6Sakai Camp HighlightsSakai Camp Attendees (Various)Link to recording
Jan 16Lessons 2.0 Overview & FeedbackWilma Hodges, LongSight Link to recording
Jan 2JirapaloozaTrisha Gordon, UVA Link to recording