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  1. Discovery Phase (now through early January 2015): The working group will review existing feature requests, jiras, and unmerged patches to determine the scope of the STEP effort and decide which items will be targeted for development.
    1. List of targeted enhancements was narrowed down to 10 items to put out for bid
  2. Vendor Selection (January-February 2015): Developers and/or Sakai Commercial Affiliates will have an opportunity to bid on the development work outlined by the STEP working group.
    1. Flying Kite was selected as the developer for this project. 
  3. Development and QA Process (March-May 2015): The development, testing, and merging of features will take place during this window.
  4. Showcase STEP Improvements (June 2015): We plan to showcase the new Samigo features developed through STEP at the Open Apereo Conference in early June.
  5. New Samigo Features Included in Sakai (Summer or Fall 2015): Completed project work will be included in the Core Sakai Community Release. The timing of this is dependent upon the overall Sakai QA and release timeline.


NameEmailContribution area of interest
Neal Caidinneal.caidin@apereo.orgWorking group
Wilma Hodgeswilma@longsight.comWorking group
Martin Ramsay Working group
Jim Mezzanotte Working group
David Bauer Working group
Laura Gekeler Working group
Jose Mariano Lujan Gonzalez Feature selectionWorking group
Ana Sabina Del Rey Carrion Feature selection
Rob Keeney QA testing
Jennifer Loudiana Usability testing
Octavia Baker