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Upcoming Schedule
April 15:
ePortfolios at UVa and Notre Dame - Yitna Firdyiwek
    (University of Virginia) and Paul Ashenfelter (Notre Dame)
April 22:
Experiences Using Lessons at Johnson University - Dave Eveland, Johnson University
April 29:
How we use Lessons to structure online/hybrid courses and our templates for faculty - Christie DeCarolis, Rutgers
May 6 
open - need topic/speakerJIRA issues related to Teaching and Learning - Neal Caidin, Apereo Foundation
May 13

Peer Review in Lessons - Fawei Geng, Oxford

May 20Lessons survey results - Luisa Li, Marist
May 27Karuta - Brain storming use cases - Janice Smith, Jacques Raynauld
May 31 - June 3

OpenApereo! Various T&L meetings and presentations

    • Conditional Release in Lessons - Jim Mezzanotte, Asahi
    • Teaching and Learning BOF
    • Apereo Teaching and Learning BOF including TWSIA
    • Lessons BOF
    • Samigo BOF
    • Turnitin BOF
    • Karuta Open Source Portfolio all-day workshop and conference presentation
    • Portfolios in Sakai BoF
    • Crowd-sourcing uses of Lessons-Salwa
    • STEP Presentation
    • Gradebook Presentation
    • LEaP Presentation
    • Presentations by TWSIA winners-separate sessions
    • Sakai 11