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Sakai Email collaboration lists are being migrated from our Collab server (aka Mailman) to Apereo Google groups. Stay tuned to this page for updates. 


Email groupDescriptionConventions
sakai-dev@apereo.orgOur largest and most active group. Intended for technical and software development discussionsPrefix the email subject as [a11y] for Accessibility issues, [i18n] for Internationalization and Translation issues, [portal] for responsive design, inlining, and portal issues, and [contrib] for contrib tool questions, like Evaluation and Gradebook2.
sakai-production@apereo.orgFor Sakai technical administration discussions. 
sakai-core@apereo.orgThe Sakai core team. Folks who meet regularly to solve technical issues in Sakai and keep the product moving forward. Also they help with Sakai infrastructure issues (nightly servers, etc.) 
sakai-pmc@apereo.orgThe email list for the Sakai Project Management Committee. Oversight and planning group for the project.All are welcome to subscribe.
sakai-spanish@apereo.orgAn email group for our Spanish speaking community. 
licensing@apereo.orgThe Apereo Licensing group handles processing of all licensing agreements and fields licensing questions, for Sakai and all other Apereo projects. 



Lists still using Collab

Email groupDescriptionNotes
openforum@sakaiproject.orgAnything goes.Any discussion items that don't fit anywhere else, or any general conversation, goes here. We will move this to a Google group.
pedagogy@sakaiproject.orgTeaching and Learning discussions.This is one of our most active groups. Any teaching and learning, or any questions about tool functionality can go here. This will be merged into the sakai-user group when we move this list to Apereo Google groups.
sakai-user@sakaiproject.orgSakai users.Any questions about using Sakai at a functional level go here. Will be merged with the pedagogy group in Apereo Google groups.
portfolio@sakaiproject.orgPortfolio project.The portfolio project continues to evolve. OSP was the open source portfolio system in Sakai through Sakai 10. Karuta is now it's own separate open source project under Apereo, using IMS LTI for integration with Sakai and other systems.
sakai-qa@sakaiproject.orgThe Sakai QA testing list. 
sakai-docs@sakaiproject.orgThe Sakai Help documentation group.This group is primarily focused on the development and maintenance of Sakai online help documentation, which is available on the web and as a context sensitive system within Sakai. This group is not technical, and only focuses on end user documentation.


Migration notes

If you are part of an institution that uses Google Apps, and your institutional settings do not allow them to post via the web forum, you are able to send email to the list, just not post via the web.

Please join those you're interested in at the following links. We recommend joining "Sakai-Users" as your first list. You'll find all our lists (as of 2017)  here:!forumsearch/Sakai

Sakai Community members are also very active in the Apereo Teaching & Learning interest group



Archives from the old email lists are at

Sakai Coordinator

To contact the Sakai Community Coordinator email  .

To subscribe or unsubscribe to email groups

Send an email to the relevant email address by adding "+subscribe" or "+unsubscribe" to the email address. For example, sending an email to will subscribe you to the email list.

Google App Institutions

  • If you are part of an institution that uses Google Apps, and your institutional settings do not allow you to post via the web forum, you should be able to send email to the list, just not post via the web. 
  • In some cases, your institutional settings may not allow you to subscribe using the email method nor using the web. In this case, please email the list owner to subscribe using the formula (list)  For example, email and ask to subscribe.


Archives of the old Collab lists are available.

Calendar of Activities

Sakai Calendar - HTML

Sakai Calendar - iCal subscription


If you can't find your  "at" on the Apereo signup page then send an email requesting access for yourself and your institution either to or .

We currently have Slack groups for Sakai developers, Sakai Morpheus (responsive design), Sakai QA and for Apereo we have Tsugi , Release engineering, uPortal, UX .