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Portfolios in Sakai Conference Call

NEXT CALL WILL BE MONDAY, November 3There will be no community call on Monday, December 1, at 9 AM EDT via Calliflower.The EST. Instead, please consider attending the following event at 12 noon EST on Wednesday, December 3, sponsored by the Apereo Foundation.

Apereo October-December 2014 Webinar Program

3rd December, 12 noon US Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Karuta is a new open source ePortfolio that has been LTI-enabled for integration with Sakai. Karuta was created in the spirit of the Open Source Portfolio (OSP). Karuta 1.0, which is currently available for piloting, offers dramatic flexibility for designing learning portfolios with rubrics for the assessment of learning outcomes. Subsequent releases will add functionality for assessment, accreditation, and showcasing, along with a migration path from OSP to Karuta. This webinar will outline the incubation process Karuta is undergoing with the Apereo Foundation and provide a detailed demonstration of current Karuta portfolio functionality.

The webinar will use Big Blue Button. Choose Apereo Room 1, enter your name and the password apereo at:


In 2015, the Sakai Portfolio community will continue meeting on the first Monday of each month , but at a different time at 9 AM EST in order to be more inclusive of portfolio community members living outside of North America.

On Monday, November 3January 5, we will meet at 9 AM EDT, corresponding to 1 PM GMT, 2 PM CET, and 11 PM JST. We will repeat many items from the October 6 Sakai Portfolio Community meeting to update new and returning participants.

We will be using Calliflower, to better facilitate international participation (via local telephone numbers).


.If you have any issues calling in, email to report the problem.

Agenda for


January 5,



  1. Access to revised OSP Help in Sakai KB
  2. Update on New features soon to be released for Karuta Open Source Portfolio - Apereo Incubation Project
  3. Migration Path Update on the migration path from OSP to Karuta
  4. Karuta presentation at the Virtual Sakai Conference, November 7 11 EST
  5. Karuta presentation for Apereo, December 3, 12 noon EST
  6. Additional Items?