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Based on the requirements of the assignment, the librarians include the following in the guide:

  • Links to and search tips for the "best" or most relevant licensed databases, in this case America: History and Life, Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, Politics and International Relations: A Sage Collection; and Historical Washington Post. These databases are selected from a list organized by subject, as in the "Search Library Resources" function in Citations Helper.
  • Predefined clickable searches against relevant databases and catalogs, selected from a list organized by subject
  • Predefined search boxes constrained to execute a "Search Library Resources" search against relevant resources selected from a list organized by subject
  • Lists of citations to individual books and articles potentially relevant as background material for the assignment
  • Original text to guide students through the research process for the course assignment
  • Links to assignment-related instructional guides or tutorials on the library's web site or the open web on topics such as evaluating information sources, avoiding plagiarism or citing online sources, identifying best search terms, etc.
  • Contact information (e-mail, phone, and/or embedded chat) for selected librarians and the undergraduate library reference desk, obtained from the library web site's content management system via a Web Services request

After the librarians publish the guide to make it available to Nick and the students in his course through the Research Guide tool in Nick's course site, Nick then edits the guide to add some additional citations and suggestions that he thinks will be of value to his students.


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