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If you are receiving this email it means that you are subscribed to the Sakai security contacts announcements list. The contact list is maintained by the Sakai Security Working Group (aka Security WG). To report any issues, please email security@sakaifoundation and your request will be forwarded to the Security Working Group.


What to do if you are notified of a security issue through this list?
Read the security notice carefully
Check the relevant Jira's. The Jira ids will be provided. If you do not have access, contact security@sakaifoundation .
If you need additional clarification, post your question on the Jira in the Comments.
Apply the fixes as soon as possible.
Do ask questions on the Jira or to the Security WG. Do not post questions or information on any other web site, forum, email group, social network, or any other public communications forum.

What to do if you find what you believe to be a security vulnerability in Sakai?
Please notify security@sakaifoundation immediately. Describe the issue in detail. There is no such thing as too much information. Please include your telephone number in case we deem it necessary to contact you other than by email.
Please do not take any other action and refrain from voicing your concerns on any public listserv, blog or other communication channel.
We will get back with you as soon as possible with any further information or instructions.