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Breeze 5 can support single sign-on from an external system via modifications to it's configuration to support HTTP Header Authentication. However, additional modifications must be made in order for this authentication to work with the XML API. By making these modifications, any external system that can process HTTP requests will be able to communicate to a Breeze 5 server's XML API without having to reauthenticate.


  1. Start tomcat
  2. Login to sakai as an admin user: (e.g. admin, password: admin)
  3. In the workspace panel, click My Workspace
  4. In the left panel, click Sites
  5. In the Sites function pages panel, click New Site
  6. Name the new sites Site Id as breeze or any other words.
  7. Click Save button at bottom to finish its creation.
  8. Click Worksite Setup in the left panel.
  9. Click the newly created site name, click Revise in the Worksite Setup function page panel.
  10. Click Edit Tools in the function panel.
  11. Select Aurai - Sakai Breeze Integration. Sakai Breeze Integration Tool in the list, click Continue button, click Finish button.
  12. Enter the new site by clicking it in the workspace panel.
  13. If Aurai - Sakai Breeze Integration appears in the left panel, congratulations! You've installed breeze tool.

    There could be some configuration problems, just ignore them for now. They will be solved in the next Configuration steps.


Setup Breeze Server before configuring Sakai

  • Make sure your Breeze Server software is updated
  1. Configure breeze server web.xml
    1. Open the file $BreezeFolder\appserv\conf\WEB-INF\web.xml and remove the comments surrounding the HeaderAuthenticationFilter group.
    2. Comment out the <init-param> tag surrounding the /api/ <param-value> within the HeaderAuthenticationFilter group. Then this part should be like this:
      Code Block
  2. Configure custom.ini
    1. Open the file $BreezeFolder\custom.ini and add an entry for the name of the custom header
      Code Block
    2. My-header-name should be protected as much as a password, although it is written as plain text in breeze server.
  3. Restart Breeze server


  • This tool uses full Sakai permissions, without them set correctly, the user will not have
    any options appear when they enter the tool (unless an admin has setup some meetings, in which case they can join them)
  1. Make sure your site maintainer has the following permissions
    • For accessing the options and sceduling events in the tool
      1. conf.sched.admin
      2. site.view
      3. site.upd
    • For creating meetings in Schedule
      1. calendar.delete.own
      4. calendar.revise.own
  • No special permissions are needed to view and join events at this time

How to configure breeze tool