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1)    User may drag a thumbnail into a collection in the Navigation Pane.    System adds image to the selected collection.    If user drags when in browse tags view, the tag is added to the image (and so forth for creator, time period & place).    The current collection stays selected (rather than switching to collection they just added to).  However, user should see  
Image Added

titleThis Design is Still In Progress

These designs are still a work in progress, and are actively being worked on. While discussion and comments are welcome, please treat this material as such.

Create Collection Workflow

Browse Thumbnails View 

1)  User begins in the normal browse mode. 

2)  They choose "Add Collection".  Selecting the icon and/or text will initiate Create Collection mode (below).


Create Collection Mode View 

3) After user selects "Add Collection": 1) Collection Details area becomes editable,  2)  A new collection appears in the navigation list in editable form,  3) Image Stream 'drawer' opens with "All Images" displayed.

4) User completes as much of the Collection Details as they like.  As user types collection name in either the Collection Details or the Navigation Pane it also fills in the other field.  System should check for existing name and if one exists, give the user a message:

5) User chooses images to add to the collection from the image stream by "dragging" into the working area.  They may select and drag multiple images at once.  They may choose to display "All Images" (default), "Recently Added" or any collection in the Image Stream.

6) Clicking on another collection (or anywhere else in the navigation pane), changes are saved and user is taken to selection.

Alternate Workflow for adding images to Collections

Wiki Markup
Wiki Markup
2) User sees a confirmation message at the top of the page, that the image(s) were added to \[collection name\]. !browsesuccess w dragmessage.jpg!

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Browse Images and Collections
Add Images
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