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Summer II Pilot:  All summer school courses (Start survey August 15, end August 22)
**Expectations for this pilot is to have as much of the final version (per our system requirements below) in place as possible.  This means we want hierarchy structure and reporting in place.

Fall 2007 Pilot:  Substantial pilot - 3 or 4 colleges plus selected programs

Spring 2008:  Full implementation

System Campus-wide pilot with university questions only (Start survey 11/26/07, end 12/12/07)
**Experienced major performance problems.  Evaluation opened on 11/30/07 instead of 11/26/07.

Spring 2008:  Campus-wide pilot with university questions and college level questions for 3 colleges.  Also implementing multiple instructor functionality
**Key project dates:
    3/28/08 Freeze all code - Sakai and Evaluation System code
    3/31/08 - 4/11/08 Load testing in QA environment
    4/14/08 - 4/18/08 Load testing in production environment
    4/29/08  Survey begins
    5/14/08  Survey ends

System Requirements (required)

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