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|| Specification ID: | _OSP-SPEC-5_ |
|| Working Title: | _Aggregated View of Matrix and Portfolio_ |
|| Related Issue(s): | _[SAK-10135|], [SAK-10137|], [SAK-10140|]_ |
|| Component(s): | _(Matrix, Portfolio)_ |
|| Confirmation Status and Date: | Status: _Confirmed_ \\ Date: _August, 2007_ |

h1. Summary
tbdThe Matrix and Portfolio tools must be available within a user's workspace and contain an aggregated view of matrices/portfolios in all worksites for a particular user. 

h1. Rationale
tbdThis change was proposed to make matrices and portfoiios more accessible when spread out across many worksites.

h1. Origin
The requirement originated at the OSP/Sakai 2.5 Planning Meeting in May 2007 (Ann Arbor).

h1. Community Acceptance
Discussed in weekly conference calls, documented in minutes and JIRA.

h1. Behavior

h2. Aggregated Portfolio
* MyWorkspace Portfolio tool aggregates portfolios for all worksites. All portfolios that are shared or owned will appear in My Workspace tool.
* PermissionsPortfolio permissions are based on originating worksite.
* Users +are+ not allowed to add porfolios within the MyWorkspace worksite.
h2. Aggregated Matrix 

h2. Portfolio Share

h2. (template)

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h1. Interaction
List any entities or actors that are used or affected by this feature.  Each should link to an entry in the OSP Terminology page.

h1. Quality Metrics
Describe any non-functional requirements of the feature, such as usability, performance, or design. Provide objective and, where possible, quantitative measures against which actual implementations can be evaluated.

h1. Assumptions
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h1. Outstanding Issues
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* MyWorkspace Matrix tool aggregates matrices for all worksites. All matrices defined in a user's member worksite will appear in My Workspace. tool.
* Matrix permissions are based on originating worksite.
* Users are +not+ allowed to add matrices within the MyWorkspace worksite.

h1. Interaction