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  • Janet and Kate are concerned about the "course as a whole approach" versus "blended" or "activity" approach.
  • Let's not require people to submit a whole course. Josh
  • John: classes are hybrid. How does a specific practice enhances the whole course?
  • These are the things we are looking for and you should fit in one category.
  • Are we looking for innovation or examples?
  • Demonstrate a shift in teaching and learning? (Josh)
  • Janet: We can collect practices in other ways.
  • Robin: we don't need examplars, nothing shiny. Good practices are the most significant.
  • Maggie: must be integrated with the whole course.
  • Josh: Small usages belong to the repository.
  • Have multiple Honor roll mentions (runner-up).
  • Eddy: Get Apple involved to find more goodies.
  • Include travel for runner-ups.
  • Some work tweaking could do the trick.
  • Use simple language:
  • Add: Syllabus, Instructional Goals, Assessment of outcomes.
  • Assessment is very large in itself... Find a way to present it in an easy way.
  • Breaking Teaching Presence in two. Much tweak that term to make it more broad.
  • Maggie would like to write down the rubrics and send them to the group (Sue, Kate, Matt).
  • Be aware of international terms.
  • Show our work to faculty members.
  • Have people be able to submit in their own language. Suggested in English (form only).
  • Susan Roig and Melissa Zhuo, Learning Styles and the Online Environment - Is This Possible in Sakai? (From the Amsterdam Sakai Conference)

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