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6.2 Peter's WebDAV example

An instructor could can edit a page on the server Resource directly online through Word, Frontpage, Web Expressions, Dreamweaver, Komposer, etc., without necessarily having to go through Sakai, or upload/down/load, they can browser straight to it via WebDAV. You can also insert links to other Sakai entities by cutting-and-pasting their URLs from Sakai (for those entities that are URL accessible, there's still work to do there). You can also use the built-in functionality for hyperlinking in the these tools for hyperlinks to browse Sakai Resources , including browsing Resources via WebDAV to and link to them, rather than find the URL in Sakai and cutting-and-pasting.

It would be great if other entities were browsable via WebDAV too, in order to make it easy to insert links to assignments, samigo assessments, forum topics, etc. into a Resources you're editing in Web Expressions, etc.

6.3 Other Work

Some initial work has been done to define requirements and describe existing applications. See: