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If you are new to QA testing for Sakai, there are some things that you learn about and do before the Test Fest begins:


Read the page General Testing Tips for some great suggestions on testing any Web-based tool.  This document was prepared for Sakai OAE but applies equally  to tools in Sakai CLE.

Sign Up Before You Start Testing

The second tab in the OSP Scripts Google doc is a signup sheet. Before you start testing, sign up for the task(s) you plan to test by adding your name, tag, and server ID to row corresponding the item you plan to test.  If someone else has already signed up for a specific task, look for a different one to do.  That way we'll cover as much of the application as possible with a small group.   When you have successfully completed the test script, put an "y" in the status column for that script.  If you encounter one or more bugs, create a Jira, add a "n"  to the status cell,  and enter the Jira IDs into the Jiras and Comments column.

Some tools do not have scripts.  Only sign up for those items if you are deeply familiar with the tool and feel confident that you can test it thoroughly without a test script.

Testing Instructions

It's often helpful to use several different browsers for testing, so you can be logged in under multiple usernames and roles at once. Firefox and Internet Explorer are the officially supported browsers for Sakai, so those should be your first choices.  You may also use Chrome and Safari, but please do not create Jiras about bugs that are specific to unsupported browsers.