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For out-of-the-box Sakai, the help files for most core tools are delivered from Indiana University's Knowledge Base repository.  These documents also appear in the Sakai KB, which is updated dynamically; the help files within Sakai, by contrast, are cached, and so may not match the content of the most recent version of any given document.

The help files for most contrib tools are not pulled from IU's repository, but are written by the schools who develop the tools.  Exact processes for revising them may vary.

As of June 2011, the following tools should be pulling help files from IU's repository, and these documents are being reviewed regularly by IU support consultants.  (We don't guarantee to get every tool reviewed for Sakai before the release of the next version, but we review documents for Sakai when we're checking the IU version for accuracy anyway.) 

Note: There seem to be some discrepancies in our information about this.  I will underline the ones that have a higher degree of confidence that they are actually being pulled (two points of data instead of just one).

  • Announcements*
  • Chat
  • Drop Box
  • Email Archive
  • Forums
  • Gradebook*
  • Messages
  • News
  • Podcasts
  • Post'Em
  • Resources
  • Roster
  • Schedule
  • Site Info**
  • Syllabus
  • Tests & Quizzes (Samigo)
  • Web Content*
  • Wiki**
  • Worksite Info*

* A few documents in the IU repository seem to be missing from the Sakai help files, but most are being pulled.

** We see a few documents being pulled, but the majority seem to be missing, based on our preliminary analysis.

The following tools are pulling help files from IU's repository, but are not being reviewed regularly by IU support consultants:

  • Assignments*
    • This was reviewed by IU until early 2011; IU has recently dropped this tool in favor of Assignments 2, and hence will not be reviewing these documents anymore.
    • Barb Kerns has sent me updates to this tool's docs for 2.8 as of November 2011.
  • Section Info*
    • These docs have not been reviewed since about 2008.
  • Sites (admin tool)*
    • These docs have not been reviewed since about 2005/2006.

The following tools have help files in IU's repository, but they have not been added to the Sakai help tool, as far as I know:

  • BlogWow
  • Profile 2
OSP tools

We have files for the following OSP (portfolio) tools.  I sent a request to Stephen Marquard on 10/27/11 to incorporate them into Sakai help to replace the current files, but I have no confirmation that this has happened.

  • Evaluations
  • Forms
  • Glossary
  • Matrices
  • Portfolio Layouts
  • Portfolios
  • Portfolio Templates
  • Styles
  • Wizards