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  • Board Minutes 2011 June 13

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  • April Board Minutes - approved with minor edits
  • SCA Application Review and Vote
    • One Shared Mind/Ex Librix – more information requested prior to vote. Board members to speak to contact to express this decision. This is not an opposition, simply a desire for more information.
    • Edvation - approved
    • Asteros - approved
  • Travel Policy
    • Approved
  • Remuneration
    • Audit committees are established as committees of the whole Board.
  • Board Schedule
    • Cancel June 21 meeting, return to regular schedule in July


  • Wiki MarkupIssue of rSmart Marketing Materials and role of SCAs was raised - ED to discuss.  \  [DP\] Contingency proposals should be prepared for further savings
  • Wiki MarkupOne off payment of $1k from members as a possibility?  \  [DP\] Cashflow projections at end of year + focus on Q1 next year should be prepared for July Board
  • Wiki MarkupThree Year Membership - profile over next next year, year after, etc (modeling).  \  [DP\] Illustration of potential SCA revenue from inclusion of membership in their billing model should be prepared after consulting SCAs


  • Institutional Stakeholders - currently lacking articulated voice.
  • Suggest repeat institutional survey undertaken a few years ago to assess institutional priorities
  • Use of CRM to support brokerage/match-making
  • Security processes - review?


  • Main meeting/Regional meetings would be the pattern for the foreseeable future
  • Wiki Markup\[DP\] 2013 main conference should be outside North America


  • Report noted

Decision points recorded by:  Ian Dolphin, Executive Director