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June 7, 2010

1) There is an issue with a space in a folder name and a delete / replace failing. We thought it might have to do with how the space is encoded, not a "+".

2) There is an issue with deleting / replacing in sub-folders. We thought the issue was a tailing space, or not. We need guidance on whether to have a trailing slash for folder or item.

If you create a folder that has a space in the name of the folder, you can inititally publish a lesson into it. But if you re-open that lesson and make changes and try to re-publish – it doesn't actually update the lesson. It "appears" to work, as there is no error message. But the changes are not updated in the lesson.

It isn't related to having a space in the name of the lesson itself.

3) The file softchalk.xml is created with a publish. You can go to the SoftChalk site and download the latest v6 trial. In the xml file is a packaging type that we want to return. Perhaps this is a folder attribute.

4) Add object type to directory requests.

5) Add version numbers.