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  • Kick-off Meeting 4.10.08

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Kick-off Meeting

Attendees: Zach Thomas, Clay Fenlason, Patty Wolfe, Dave Lipari, Michael Korcuska


  1. Involving the Sakai Community Zach to follow-up with Erik Freose and determine his level of interest and participation- What are the goals?

What are the goals for community involvement?

  • Having code merged into Sakai trunk.
  • Position this work in a way that it could be taken further from someone else in the community
  • Understanding the use cases to and design for the future,
  • Allow for flexibility for incorporting and making updates. This includes outcome results that we would like to achieve.. merged into trunk and into the release, being extended by other members of the community, and the last item would be community adoption. From a process standpoint, exposing thought process, and decisions needed to win community acceptance. Instead of setting up our own project pages and post information to Confluence and Jira for community based projects.
  • Community Adoption
    1. Zach to follow-up with Erik Freose and determine his level of interest and participation
    2. Clay to follow-up with other interested parties
  1. Sakai Version
  • Utilize 2.5.x as the foundation


  • Complete milestone builds against 2.5.x


  • CalDAV work


  • completed on branch. Branch will be a copy of 2.5.x


  • Activel monitor trunk for calendar changes
    1. Zach to ask for a branch created
    2. Clay to follow-up with Beth
    Kirchner from MI
    1. at JA-SIG
    to follow-up on any planned calendar work. Either process is fine. Zach to follow-up with Subversion list and get branch created and ask for copy of 2.5.x calendar module.Environments - hosted at Unicon. Need a dataset that will be similar to what is available at GT. Determine what dataset will be for testing. Test environment needs to use
    1. and determine if any work is being planned for the Calendar Tool
  1. Environments
  • Test environmnet will be hosted at Unicon
  • Utilize Zimbra version 5.0.4


  • Some performance testing has been built into the budget. We will need to analyze the best use of those hours.
  • What other institutions are interested in JMeter testing?
    1. Make sure test data is representative of typical GT scenarios.

Next team meeting on Monday, April 14th at 3:00 PM (Eastern).