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  1. Login to sakai as user: admin, password: admin
  2. Enter the breeze site by clicking it in the workspace panel.
  3. Click Aurai - Sakai Breeze Integration in the left panel.
  4. Click Options in the functional panel.
  5. Fill in the boxes with the following information:
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    Breeze User:
    Breeze Server:
    Http Header:        My-header-name
    1. is a user on the Breeze server.
    2. is the Breeze server's URL
    3. My-header-name is the header you set in Pre-works on Breeze Server before configuring Sakai chapter.
  6. Click Update Configurations
  7. If Scheduled Meetings and Expired Meetings bold words appear, congratulations! You have successfully configured it right.


  1. Breeze tool lists all the Scheduled Meetings and Expired Meetings in its page, click the link will lead you in the corresponding breeze meeting without asking for username or password.
  2. For detail, please refer to // + Guide.
  3. For how to use breeze, please refer to