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Evaluation States

  • Evaluations have 5 multiple states which they can be in, these states are determined by the dates set for each specific evaluation
    Detailed documentation on evaluation states
    • Use the method in the evaluation logic API ( getEvaluationState(Long evaluationId) ) to determine the state of an evaluation, do not attempt to calculate it for yourself
    States - InQueue -> Active -> Due -> Closed -> Viewable
  • InQueue - evaluation has not started yet, should be the state of evaluations when they are first created, can make any change to the evaluation while in this state
  • Active - evaluation is currently running, users can take the evaluation, start date cannot be modified anymore, email templates cannot be modified, cannot unlink groups of takers at this point, can still add in groups
  • Due - evaluation is over but not technically, no more notifications will be displayed and links are no longer shown, however, takers can still complete the evaluation until the state changes to closed, evaluations in Due status are shown as closed in the interface
  • Closed - evaluation is over and closed, users cannot take evaluation anymore, no changes can be made to the evaluation except to adjust the results view date, cannot add or remove groups of takers
  • Viewable - evaluation is over and closed and results are generally viewable, no changes can be made to the evaluation at all
  • There are four significant dates that determine the state of the evaluation
  • Start date - eval becomes active on this date, cannot change start date once it passes, most parts of evaluation cannot change on this date, no assigned contexts can be modified
  • Due date - eval is reported to be closed after this date passes (interface and email), cannot change due date once it passes, cannot assign new contexts once this passes
  • Stop date - eval is actually closed after this date passes, cannot change stop date once it passes, no changes to evaluation after this date EXCEPT adjusting the view dates
  • View date - eval results visible on this date
  • Note: currently times are taken into account, so if you want to close an evaluation at the end of a date, make sure to set the time to midnight

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