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  1. Hide Instructions/Rationale/Examples Labels on Main page of Wizard.
    If the main or first page of a wizard does not contain data in the Instructions /Rationale /Examples areas, the labels for these areas should not display in the published wizard.
  2. Hide buttons/labels for unused forms.
    If a matrix cell or wizard page does not contain a reflection or evaluation or feedback form then related buttons/labels should not show up for the 'student' user.
  3. Clean-up Matrix Guidance
    Change presentation order and number (singular to plural) from Instruction, Example, Rationale to Instructions, Rationale, Examples for consistency with authoring and main page.  Currently the link to full guidance does not display if Instructions is empty, even if the other two gudiance fields contain data.  Link should display if any of the three contains data. 
  4. Clean up Wizard Guidance.
    On the wizards main page, the labels for Instructions, Rationale, and Examples (25, 26, 27) display even when they do not contain content. Suppress label for items that do not contain content.
  5. Fix title display on Wizard subpages
    Currently, the title on Wizard subpages displays twice.


  1. Allow supprssion suppression of Select Item(s) button
    For some applications, the user is not supposed to attach items to the page. In such cases, it would be helpful to be able to remove the button from the participant view.
  2. Button naming and placement.
    A suggestion for the Published Cell/Page View for both Matrix and Wizard is to standardize placement of the completion buttons at the bottom of the page, like other Sakai tools, and to shorten the text of the 'Submit for Evaluation confirmation' button.
    For the Wizard main page, the two buttons would remain in the current position at the  bottom of the page with the submit button text slightly revised:
    Return to Wizards    Submit for Evaluation
    For the Matrix page, the Submit for Evaluation button would be moved to the bottom of the screen and paired with the 'Back to matrix button, whose text would be revised:
    Return to Matrix       Submit for Evaluation
  3. Increased Page/Cell Status Control.
    Currently, the only way a cell can be converted to completed status is immefdiately following submission of en evaluation and only the owner can put the cell into pending status. There are occasions when the coordinator needs to the ability to convert a cell from ready to pending or pending to complete.

The Manage Status link associated with each page or cell would offer the following options:

Change Status to READY:
For this user only
For all users

Change Status to Pending:
For this user only
For all users

Change Status to Complete:
For this user only
For all users

  1. Revising Evaluations and Feedback.
    Allow reviewers/evaluators to revise feedback and evaluation forms. Once an evaluation or feedback form is created it cannot be changed by the creator. Add a revise link (similar to the revise link for reflections) and allow revisions when the cell is not locked.
  2. Hide a published matrix/wizard.
    Allow author to hide or archive a wuzard that is no longer in use, but for which the data continues to be of value.
  3. Show/Hide tools based on permissions.
    Make changes to ePortfolio to take advantage of the ability in Sakai to hide tools based on permissions.

Key permissions for IU's configuration:

Evaluations tool: Evaluate
Glossary tool: Add
Forms tool: Create
Presentation Layouts tool: Create
Presentation Templates tool: Create
Styles tool: Create
Reports tool: View

  1. Support for optional form on main page of wizard.
    Optional forms cannot be added to first or main page of a hierarchical or sequential wizard. There are some occasions when a wizard just needs to be one page long. Rather than requiring a click to a second page to get to the form, why not simply allow optional forms on the main page.
  2. Easier term substitutions.
    Create ability for an institution to more easily substitute its own tool names and similar core terms in the application.
  3. Wizard page status.
    There is no easy method for users to see which wizard pages contain participant input and/or have been submitted without opening each page in each wizard. The Wizard manager shows how many pages of a given wizard have been submitted, but not the specific page numbers or titles. For the hierarchical wizard, the gray page bullets could be replaced by green, yellow, or blue bullet to show page status. For the sequential wizard, perhaps there could be an outline view that gives the status of each page.
  4. Location of Usernames drop down for Wizards.
    The username drop down for Matrices appears on each individual matrix, not on the Matrix Manager page. But in the case of Wizards, the username drop down is on the Wizards Manager page. This requires the evaluator/ reviewer/ coordinator to return to the manager page in order to view the work of a different participant. For consistency and ease of use, remove the dropdown from the main Wizards Manager page and place a drop down at the top of the first page of each individual Wizard.
  5. New reviewer role and workflow.
    According to the document "Understanding the Open Source Portfolio (OSO) version 2.1, a reviewer is someone who provides guidance and feedback of an informal or formative nature. This is a valuable concept and role, but currently there is no role or workflow support for reviewers. Review takes place before the page has submitted for final evaluation. How is the reviewer supposed to know that a cell or page is ready for review? There either needs to be a set of tools similar to those provided for evaluation (i.e., participants see a "submit for review" button, cell turns a color associated with "review pending" and a Review tool similar to the Evaluation tool where all pages submitted for review by a specific reviewer are listed). DAG - Should be useful for peer review within one's peer group as well.
  6. Improve/enhance group support.
    Make all tools group aware. Currently, group membership determines who coordinators and evaluators can see in Matrix and Wizard tools. However, group support is not available for specific tools or in contexts where it would be helpful (i.e., when selecting evaluators or sharing portfolios)
  7. More intuitive presentation of optional forms.
    Display the empty form inline in the wizard or matrix page with a Save button. A list of the completed versions along with links to revise, delete, and duplicate would appear underneath. In the same area, a button or link labeled Add Existing Form to List allows user to select a form from resources. Currently, the add form/select exiting form links are very confusing unless the wizard/author provides detailed instructions on what to do with them. It would be much nicer if these forms could display inline by default or as an option because often the form is the only element in use on the page.
  8. Global assignment of forms and evaluators in wizard or matrix.
    Allow author to set defaults for all pages that can be overridden on individual pages. Currently assignment of forms and evaluators must be done on a page by page basis, which is very tedious.
  9. Wizard synchronization across sites.
    For some applications, the same wizard or matrix will be used in multiple sites.  If the matrix/wizard needs to be changed in some way, manually making the changes in each site can be very time consuming and result in errors and inconsistencies..  A tool for synchronizing these identical wizard with a master wizard would reduce the labor.