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(2) For another approach to a Web template for student portfolios based on the KEEP toolkit functionaly, see the attached document, "Mypages template alt version.pdf" (if run locally, it is our understanding that the KEEP toolkit can allegedly be integrated with Sakai).

Fixes to Existing Tools




  1. Hide Instructions/Rationale/Examples Labels on Main page of Wizard. If the main or first page of a wizard does not contain data in the Instructions /Rationale /Examples areas, the labels for these areas should not display in the published wizard.
  2. Hide buttons/labels for unused forms. If a matrix cell or wizard page does not contain a reflection or evaluation or feedback form then related buttons/labels should not show up for the 'student' user.
  3. Clean-up Matrix Guidance.  Change presentation order and number (singular to plural) from Instruction, Example, Rationale to Instructions, Rationale, Examples for consistency with authoring and main page.  Currently the link to full guidance does not display if Instructions is empty, even if the other two gudiance fields contain data.  Link should display if any of the three contains data. 
  4. Clean up Wizard Guidance. On the wizards main page, the labels for Instructions, Rationale, and Examples (25, 26, 27) display even when they do not contain content. Suppress label for items that do not contain content.
  5. Fix title display on Wizard subpages.  Currently, the title on Wizard subpages displays twice.


  1. Allow supprssion of Select Item(s) button.  For some applications, the user is not supposed to attach items to the page. In such cases, it would be helpful to be able to remove the button from the participant view.