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  • 1-14-2009 Conference Call

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  • We need to post a Word version of the application (Josh and Matt will work on this)
  • We need to "get the word" out about the TWSIA:
    • Post to listservs
      • Sue will post to local CA lists
      • Josh will post to Sloan Consortium, Sakai Announcement
      • Place into the next newsletter
      • Post to specific people
      • Have SCA post to clients
  • Prior decision was to leave the judges off the main page for the TWSIA, we'll revisit this in a few weeks
  • We are looking for a track lead for the Using Sakai track at the Boston conference
  • Michael's call for content for the Sakai book came up, folks should submit if they can
  • Joint call on 2/4/09 at 11:30 AM will look at Sakai 3