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  • 9-24-2008 Conference Call

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Maggie is taking minutes.

Participants: Josh, Sue, Maggie, Salwa, Emily, Charlie, Kate

Agenda Items

1. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

  • TWSIA09 Planning
    • Initial contact with Nate has been accomplished, Sue asks that everyone look at the OpenEd Practices site and provide feedback as to any changes needed
    • Initial work on selecting judges has been happening via an email loop with a task force from this group.  There is still discussion about exactly who the final judges will be and how many.  Talks will continue on the email loop.
    • We want to get this worked out prior to the Virginia Tech Conference
  • Judging Process Follow-Up
  • Final Sponsorship Plan Presented (Tentative)
    • Shared sponsorship plan and the levels
    • Possibility about a third level with a much smaller contribution was decided to be left out in order to give better visibility to the two tiers.
    • Process for seeking sponsors:
      • Two week silent phase and seek sponsorship at the leader or supporter level. Josh would coordinate during the silent phase for the targeting of specific companies and organizations.
      • After 2 weeks would make a more public announcement for sponsorship if needed.
      • If you have ideas for who to contact during the silent phase, please let Josh know or add it to the page..
      • Target for next week to identify who to go to at each level (look at four at Leader Level and eight at supporter level). Give companies one week to respond. Within three weeks from now.

2. Call Logistics after October 14th-October 30th

    • Josh will be unavailable through end of October
    • Matt will be setting up the calls