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Phased Plan

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Timeline updated November 9, 2017


  1. Review and Identify

2. Fix and Enhance

3. Comprehensive Review for VPAT & WCAG2

  • Generate prioritized and comprehensive review of remaining unaudited areas of Sakai
  • Identify potential contributors
  • Create/adapt test scenarios for reviewers

    Existing Resources:
  • Use 2013 Brock University partial audit
  • Use 2013 Longsight partial audit
  • Ongoing community reports
  • Identify work and other requirements associated with reported JIRAs
  • Make enhancements in response to itemized reports (JIRAs). Requires contributions from community at large & tool leads
  • Incorporate replacement components in assessments (ie. Syllabus enhancements, Morpheus project)
  • Verify the likelihood of a successful review (this could result in a VPAT1)
  • Select a reviewer to provide an audit and a statement of success, like the NFB
  • Commission a review