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  • QA Maven aka Advanced Involvement - Sakai 12.0 Edition

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  • Welcome

    • Hi, welcome to QA Maven. This section is for Sakai QA testers who have the time and energy to delve more deeply into Sakai QA testing. If you are new to Sakai QA testing, you might want to start with our EZ QA effort and graduate up to be a QA (karate) kid
    • QA Maven testing involves functional testing of tools, trying actively to find bugs. It also involves reporting bugs in JIRA and reporting which aspects of testing you completed, and what remains to be done (for coordinator role). This is especially important in more complex tools like Samigo Test & Quiz tool, Assignments, Gradebook , and Lessons, and not as important in simpler tools like Polls, New (RSS) and Email Archive tools. 
  • Where to get help? 

    • Email sakaicoordinator at .  There are more, and preferred options than this emailing the Sakai Coordinator directly (see below), but since some people are more comfortable starting the conversation with a single person and going from there, this is a good starting point.