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  • Manuals in Screensteps are organized by version of Sakai and by user role

    • Sakai online help landing page “About Help” advises users that they may search help all available help, but that they must have appropriate roles/permissions to perform some tasks.

    • Current manuals included in the online help are:

      • User (includes both Instructor and Student oriented articles)

      • Admin 

  • Chapters within manuals are organized by tool

    • A “What is x tool?” article that serves as an overview is the first item in each chapter. This page will serve as the landing page for that tool in the context-sensitive help within Sakai.

  • Articles within each chapter are organized by task.

  • Contrib Tools (e.g. Gradebook2) are not included in the Core documentation release. If available, help for Contrib tools may be exported separately and added to the help for a given instance. Not all Contrib tools have help available in Screensteps format.

  • For documenting the Mobile view, if it makes sense, and does not make the article too long/unwieldy, you may add a section and/or additional screenshots illustrating the mobile view of the steps. 

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