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  • Add the following to your JAVA_OPTS: "-Dsakai.demo=true"
  • Startup Sakai
  • Log in as admin and add Delegated Access to your My Workspace
    • Note: you have to do You can use the "Sites" tool and add the tool manually. Just go to "Sites" and select your site. Then "Add/Edit Pages"->"New Page". Enter any title you want and click "Tools"->"New Tool". The select Delegated Access and click "Save" at the bottom.
    • Note: Non admins can add the tool by going to "Worksite Setup" in your My Workspace site then find your My Workspace site in the list and click the checkbox next to it.  Then you click "Edit" on the top.  This will bring you to the "Site Info" page where you can click "Edit Tools".  In this page, you check "Delegated Access" and click save to add this tool to your My Workspace site.
  • Go to the tool and search for yourself and others and set their permissions.