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Click here to view the original Mobile Sakai Proposal to the Community.

Nov 2013 Update

All current work is complete and will be in Sakai 10. An API document has been created and is available here.

Sept. 2012 Update

Building on conversations and work from the 2012 North America Sakai Conference, the mobile project changed direction from seeking to round up programmers to commit to the work identified in the original proposal to raising funds to contract with programmers to undertake this work. because of this change in direction, a new framework for moving forward was required, beginning with seeking official approval from the Sakai Foundation Board. toward that end the following proposal was drafted.


Many of these details are already posted at the Mobile Sakai project site [], so I will not repeat them here. Perhaps most importantly, the Steering Committee selected Flying Kite, a Sakai Commercial Affiliate in Canberra Australia [] to handle the programming for this project. Flying Kite is Steve Swinsburg’s company; , so knowledge of and familiarity with Sakai are obviously not a concern. I should also note that all code developed under Project Keitai will be contributed to the Sakai Foundation and will become part of he generally available code base.