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  • Capabilities are extensions to the the entity provider and broker system. They allow the entity system to be easily extended in a way which does not create interlocking dependencies and even allows multiple projects to implement capabilities for the same entity set.
    Capabilites can be created by anyone and should be located within the relevant project, though there are some capabilities that are within the entity broker project.

Development Status

  • May 8, 2008 – Released version 1.3.3 which includes the following:
  • In core Sakai release
  • TODO
    • Add support for custom actions (via REST) (tick)
    • Add support for URL redirects (tick)Add better support for browsing and picking entities Entity Picker
    • Move to kernel
    • Add support for archiving entities
    • Add support for searching entities
    • Add helper to make it easy to persistent entities into JCR - this means defining an abstract entity provider in the JCR project which would handle persisting entities into JCR and free up the tool author to spend their time on the logic of their tool and not have to worry about storage, this would probably only be suitable for tools with smaller and simple storage requirements