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It's often helpful to use several different browsers for testing, so you can be logged in under multiple usernames and roles at once. Firefox and Internet Explorer are the officially supported browsers for Sakai, so those should be your first choices.  You may also use Chrome and Safari, but please do not create Jiras about bugs that are specific to unsupported browsers.

Regression Testing

  1. Access the QA Scripts Google doc at:
  2. The regression test scripts are organized into worksheets, each focusing on a different tool or functional area.  All  sheets contain a column for actions (what you are supposed to do), results (what you are supposed to see as a result of the action), and known issues (bugs related to the test case that have already been reported). Some of the scripts may be out of date.  Please update them as you work through them.  If you are unsure about the intended behavior of the tool or changes to the tool, contact Lynn Ward (
  3. Read the instructions at the top of the worksheet or the beginning of the test case before testing.  Then complete each test step by step, following the instructions in the actions column.  As you complete each step, enter a "y" into the worksheet if you were able to successfully complete the step or a "n" if you were not.
  4. If you discover a unreported bug related to a particular action, create a Jira and enter the JIra ID (e.g., SAM-1460) and enter the JIra ID in the Comments field for the test step on which the error occurred.  For instructions on working with JIra, see Searching Jira for Existing OSP Issues and Reporting Samigo Bugs in JiraReporting OSP Bugs in Jira.